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As a luxury destination wedding & family photographer, I love to create stunning and memorable images of couples & families on the happiest days of their life. Additionally, as a family photographer, you have the ability to capture precious moments and memories for families to cherish for years to come. Your passion for photography since childhood has led you to pursue this dream job, and you'

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I’m quite down to earth and sarcastic. I love random chats about life, traveling and creating art. When we meet, I can promise you 2 things - laughs till your stomach hurts as well as beautiful photo memories that we’ll create together.

2024 Destination wedding's


In 2024, I'm thrilled to announce my travel dates, where I'll be capturing love stories across the globe. From the romantic vineyards of Tuscany to the sun-kissed beaches of Santorini and beyond, I'll be staying in each destination for a couple of days, ensuring every moment is captured with elegance and artistry. With a passion for travel and an eye for detail, destination weddings hold a special place in my heart. Let's turn your dream wedding into a breathtaking adventure.

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January, 2024

Bail, Indonesia

February, 2024

Adelaide, Australia 

Sydney, Australia 

May, 2024

Lake Como, Italy

Marrakech, Morocco

Lindos, Rhodes, Greece

June, 2024

Zante, Zakynthos, Greece

August, 2024

Bordeaux, France

Santorini, Greece

September, 2024

Palma, Mallorca

Lake Garda, Italy

Umbria, Italy

Lindos, Greece

Lake Como, Italy

October, 2024

Lake Como, Italy

November, 2024

Adelaide, Australia

Melbourne, Australia

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